Server Editor

Coming soon.

Server Editor Linux Panel Comming Soon

The core features includes Web Server, Domain, Subdomain, Mysql, File Manager, Advanced DNS, Email Manager, Cron Job, FTP and User Management.

Easily System Setup

Simply pick your configuration and develop your app. No need to spend valuable development time on system setup and maintenance.

Perfect design

The app look and feel is taken as important as its feature set. The navigation feels like second nature along with visual appearance, interactive behavior and assistive capabilities.

Fast remote access

An admin panel that providing you with a fast secure way to manage a remote Linux server at any time using everyday tools like a web terminal, text editor, file manager and others.

Modular architecture

You can replace or add any one component (module) without affecting the rest of the system.

Powerful File Manager

Code on our web-based editor, with your favorite text editor or via SSH. Your development box is accessible anywhere.

Fast support

If you are facing any problem, you can contact with us. we will give you support via email, chat or teamviewer.